Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Whoa! It's 2020 Already? Where has all the Time Gone?

In the time since my last Post - November 5, 2017, a Lot has happened in the world of Electric Vehicles!

Unfortunately - not so much with My Electricfly! I still have it, but I have been agonizing over selling it, or finding a place to work on it, that's more practical!

In the time since then, Tesla has sold over half a million BEV's, it would seem, mostly Model 3's, and my employer has had me busy working on the new Global 7000, now coined the Global 7500, over 50 of them!

I have also cleared up a stack of stupid debts, and saved a few dollars, along my plan to buy the Model 3, but also to save something for times like these, being Furloughed from work, for 4 weeks (Or More?), and not being greatly bothered by it. While the model 3 is a beautiful vehicle, performance and otherwise, I might be more suited - to the new Model Y! But - Tesla's Cybertruck finally captured me, and on March 4th, I put in a Reservation, for that!

Let's see if I can get back here with some good news, for Electricfly - before another 2-3 years pass!

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