Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Whoa! It's 2020 Already? Where has all the Time Gone?

In the time since my last Post - November 5, 2017, a Lot has happened in the world of Electric Vehicles!

Unfortunately - not so much with My Electricfly! I still have it, but I have been agonizing over selling it, or finding a place to work on it, that's more practical!

In the time since then, Tesla has sold over half a million BEV's, it would seem, mostly Model 3's, and my employer has had me busy working on the new Global 7000, now coined the Global 7500, over 50 of them!

I have also cleared up a stack of stupid debts, and saved a few dollars, along my plan to buy the Model 3, but also to save something for times like these, being Furloughed from work, for 4 weeks (Or More?), and not being greatly bothered by it. While the model 3 is a beautiful vehicle, performance and otherwise, I might be more suited - to the new Model Y! But - Tesla's Cybertruck finally captured me, and on March 4th, I put in a Reservation, for that!

Let's see if I can get back here with some good news, for Electricfly - before another 2-3 years pass!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Common Electric Vehicle Charging Options, Networks, and Brands. (North America)

"When it comes to refueling a car, drivers of gas- and diesel-powered vehicles have it easy. They roll up to any one of about 100,000-plus gas stations in the U.S., pump in liquid fuel in a matter of minutes, and pay either in cash or with a credit card. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated with public charging for electric vehicles—although remember that almost all EV charging takes place at home, which usually requires about 30 seconds to plug in each night." - Quoted from "The Ultimate Guide to Electric Car Charging Networks" - linked at the bottom of this story.

"Sun country highway is the fastest level 2, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network in the world today."

When it comes to Electric Vehicles, not many people know about the many different 'Brands' of Charging Networks, and - since unlike with Fuels, Not all Networks simply have a posted 'Meter' that shows how much you are being billed while you charge, and you often can't bill directly to a Credit Card, without some intermediary card, or 'Membership Card' to use their Branded Network, I thought I should add my preliminary take on this matter.

Charging At Home - the First Stop. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Work Continues on the Electricfly....Slowly!

While I have been silent for over a year, I have been thinking about the Electricfly, while I await the coming Model 3 from Tesla! I am doing some surface Mods, testing ideas out, actually, a few minutes here, and there, and it it progressing very slowly, between work, and catching up on other important outstanding commitments. News Will be brought here when I have some interesting pictures, and results to share. Please don't hold your breath, but stop by once in a while, anyway!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Electricfly and steps leading to reserving a Tesla Model 3!

If you have been following this Blog any bit at all in the past, you will have seen my continuing efforts and Struggles with the challenges of maintaining, improving, and upgrading the Electricfly!

From my discoveries about the much lower really Usable Energy Ratings of the Batteries I was using, that I bought 100 Ah Batteries, to discover they were rated at just 30 Amps for 1 hour! In any case - I was still trying to move forward, and improve the Safety of the Battery Boxes that were inside the Hatch Portion of the car; working on Body Work with the Roof, and the Hood, having more rust than I realized!

Past Experiences, and much reading had me realizing that the DC Motor in the car, while it worked, did not give me anything back, in the form of Regenerative Braking when I slowed down, causing greater use of Mechanical Brakes than should be required in an EV, so I renewed my investigation of AC Motors for Electricfly! I started Considering the largest Large Format Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Cells for the Car that I could fit in the Empty Gas Tank Area under the Rear Seat, in an attempt to get reasonable priced energy storage, lighter weight, and more energy into the car!

I then started comparing

Sunday, June 1, 2014

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