Sunday, October 17, 2010

EV Fest Today - A Packed House!

EV Fest, Toronto's Premier Electric Vehicle Fall Festival, Came through today with Flying colors: !! We had the Tesla Roadster Sport, provided by a local owner - David, who was nice enough to take me for a short ride, between arriving, and my guiding him to his parking place for the show, and what better place to do that from than the Passenger Seat of a Tesla Roadster Sport!

We had the Toronto Electric Project EVE, also called 'A2B' - the Little Yellow Car that continued to draw crowds all day! The Toyota Canada Prius PHEV was there, and the UOIT eVue also! Up Front we had Unlimited Mobility - an Electric Scooter and Mobility Products Company. And that was just in the drive in service area!

In the Shop, we had 'Prius Alley' down the left side, 8 Toyota's 7 Prius and a Hybrid Camry.  The Prius' were converted to PlugIn Hybrids either with the Hymotion Pack or the Enginer Pack, topped off by the Porsche 944SM! Counting down from the Porsche, was 2 by Erik,  followed by Emile, Jack Chen, Mony, Lee Davies, Allan Hays, and Pat's Scarborough Toyota Hymotion Demo Prius.

Dividing up the left and right, down the middle was EP Riders display!

Down the right side, we had Ron groves with the Eco Driver Presentation, followed by Derek Wilson with the Eco Alternative Energy Display. Then John Farmer's Ford Ranger EV, JP Fernbach's Skoda EV, My Electricfly, Aaron Cake's Insight Hybrid, Ken Roach's Escort EV, Jan Szott's Electric Sports Car Chassis & Hybrid Horseless Carriage, and lastly - Bruce Westlake's Ford Escape PHEV from Michigan!
Members of the Press came, (at least two, but I think there were three, all together!), and over 500 people registered in for the show! I guess the Burger count might be most accurate, but there were 300 Burgers and 200 Hot Dogs provided and enjoyed by Attendees! (Guests, Volunteers, and Exhibitors alike!)

Getting Ready for the show, I learned a bit how to do a group text with my cell phone (It's not realy a smart phone and I'm not realy a smart guy - trying to hack out a message with multiple presses to get a single letter, but in the end, in got results!)

Keep an eye out for Stories in the press from Peter Gorrie, and Monte Gisborne!

(Updated October 20, 2010, 5:30 P.M., with corrected information. R.W.)

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