Sunday, December 16, 2012

Drip, Drop, Drip - Open Primer Needs a Cover!

With the cooling weather - I have been attempting to get the Priming work finished and get the parts of the car I had been working on - painted.

The Roof was the start of this direction - and there were still some dimples and ripples in that - but I have managed to sand and fill with primer and get another coat of white paint up on the roof to seal it in, so hopefully that will hold over the Winter!

The Roof had been painted already - but in trying to sand and fill the remaining dimples - I felt since I had sanded through a few spots to the primer - I might as well give it a full coverage fresh coat of the Grey Primer - and then re-finish it with White Paint! I managed to get down a rough coat of White, but will likely have to sand it back again in spring!

The Hood - on the other hand - seems to have gotten behind the weather curve, and my available time - and still needs a few more priming and sanding cycles to smooth out some dimples and ripples, particularly at the forward edge.

I am trying to get at least as much done before snow comes, but the rain is no help too! Same with the freezing temps and working outside in the open just kills the deal!

I have been Mostly Wet Sanding with 240 Grit Wet or Dry paper, and moving to 320 Grit - Wet Sanding was already happening on the White Roof, before I re-Shot the Grey Primer!

Once I can clean up the dimples and ripples - I will start moving up from 240 to 320 - and on to 400, 600, and 800, If I have the patience for it, between paint layers.

I might top out at a medium level until I can get some of the other body parts taken car of first! Things like the Fenders and quarter panels and Doors, at least!

There is also the matter of the continuing under body - deep rust and metal mice chewing away at the car! After all - it is a 1989 Pontiac Firefly under the Electricfly project!

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