Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Electricfly and steps leading to reserving a Tesla Model 3!

If you have been following this Blog any bit at all in the past, you will have seen my continuing efforts and Struggles with the challenges of maintaining, improving, and upgrading the Electricfly!

From my discoveries about the much lower really Usable Energy Ratings of the Batteries I was using, that I bought 100 Ah Batteries, to discover they were rated at just 30 Amps for 1 hour! In any case - I was still trying to move forward, and improve the Safety of the Battery Boxes that were inside the Hatch Portion of the car; working on Body Work with the Roof, and the Hood, having more rust than I realized!

Past Experiences, and much reading had me realizing that the DC Motor in the car, while it worked, did not give me anything back, in the form of Regenerative Braking when I slowed down, causing greater use of Mechanical Brakes than should be required in an EV, so I renewed my investigation of AC Motors for Electricfly! I started Considering the largest Large Format Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Cells for the Car that I could fit in the Empty Gas Tank Area under the Rear Seat, in an attempt to get reasonable priced energy storage, lighter weight, and more energy into the car!

I then started comparing