Saturday, May 10, 2014

MyElectricfly: Old Electric Vehicles versus New Electric Vehicles: Sources & Links

Electricfly - is not (in some circles) an OLD Electric Vehicle, but - in this instance - it is (My) Old Electric Vehicle, as I am looking at two choices for it: Fix it - or Part out the EV Components and Save what I want to keep, and scrap the rest of the car!

The Challenge with Fixing it - is some of the already missing Rusted metal leads right up to the Right Front Suspension corners! Also - no matter how much I put into the car - it remains - underneath it all - a High School EV Conversion of a 1989 Pontiac Firefly (Geo Metro/Sprint/ Suzuki Forsa, etc.), and unless I create a whole new vehicle based on it - it will pretty much now always be a dying vehicle!

While the Actual Drive Train is still Strong, the car body is going to cost more and more to maintain or keep alive!

When it comes to Parting-Out the primary Electric Vehicle Components of my Electricfly - it has been suggested I put the items up for sale on the EV Trading Post, which I most likely will, but the offer will also go up here, possible first, if not at the same time! Watch for postings of GE Motor + Firefly Transmission - mated and ready to use!

Want to see what are some Really Old Electric Vehicles? Here is a timeline of Electric Vehicles that have been produced for sale: Electric Vehicles 19th Century to Today.

Also - the world of Electric Vehicles has changed a lot since I bought 'Electricfly' and delivered it home on October 12, 2006, and at that time - an EV Conversion was the only thing available, and even then - there were limited EV Conversion Manuals to guide you!

This Blog was started to follow the progress of My Electricfly - to report things done to it, and how they succeeded in making it better - or not! This Blog was not started at the time I got the car - but some time later on May 27, 2008! It has covered Battery Changes, new Instrumentation, Custom built Battery Charger packages I did myself, New Battery Management Systems, and more!

Currently found on EV Album, there are listings for 4,168 Vehicles: Some are OEM Factory Built, (a small few), but most are Electric Vehicle Conversions, Mods, or Custom Built variations. Some are two wheels, some are three wheels, but most are four wheel vehicles. Some go slow and some go fast! Some (a good number of vehicles built before the last few years) are powered by Lead Acid Batteries, but recently battery choices have increased - to offer NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), Lithium Ion, and Lithium Manganese Phosphate and Lithium Iron Phosphate, and Flooded Nickel Cadmium Choices - each with their own set of favorite benefits - Energy Storage, Cold Weather Operation, Weight, etc.

A Lot has changed since 2006, and now we have a growing number of choices of ready to drive, factory built, high quality Electric Vehicles, with a variety of body styles and performance capabilities, all available - either for driving off the lot, or for order!

Depending on where you live - there are a growing number of electric vehicles available for purchase - and listed on sites like These (Some of which are also listing both Regular Hybrids, and Plug-in Hybrids): Hybrid Cars, CAA, Wikipedia, Green Car Reports, etc.

Since 2006 - I have also began to be involved in creating Events - Electric Vehicle Shows:
EV Show & Shine BBQ in April 2010, EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show which began in October 2010 and continues today to EV Fest 2014 - our 5th Anniversary, and also Electric Avenue 2013 - an event done in conjunction with Formula North 2013!

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If you live in Ontario, Canada - at present they have the strongest and best Electric Vehicle Rebates offered in Canada, and also offer Rebates on the now common Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Home use, if you have bought a New Electric Vehicle (or Plug-In Hybrid) (and got the Rebate).