Friday, October 25, 2013

Tesla Model S: The electric car that goes the distance, for a price

Tesla Model S: The electric car that goes the distance, for a price - CTV News

“With careful, consistent driving, the P85 can do 480 km on a single charge. That's enough to drive from downtown Toronto to downtown Ottawa.

An interesting Comment:

@bill allen If you are aware of the Panasonic test data. The batteries will have still have 70% capacity after 2600 charge cycles. If you manage to drive it for 650,000 miles and find that 70% capacity is unacceptable, that may be an issue. Then again how many engine rebuilds will you go through during that time. Most cars last for less than 200,000 miles so the question you pose about the batteries is moot. For arguments sake, you did not need any engine/transmission repairs on your regular car, you would have spent roughly $75,000 in fuel. Even if battery prices stayed the same (they are dropping) and you didn't purchase the battery plan ($12,000), you would still make out ahead with the Tesla Model S battery ($40,000). Then again, for an average person, you would be retired by the time you reach that type of mileage so you would not need to replace the battery.

Reading the Comments is an excellent study in people, and sometimes leads to new information, too!

While not all of us can afford to buy this car today, it is a great example of what can be done without waiting for the next generation of Batteries, in terms of making an electric  car with a good range, and with some 118,000 millionaires in Toronto Alone – there will be enough buyers to keep the car production happening for some time!

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