Saturday, February 2, 2013

Update on 96 Volt AC Motor Package

I just looked at my stats and see that there are over a 1000 visits to my old post - 96 Volt AC Motor Package - so I thought it was time for an update!

First - my most relevant source or link for the motors of reference - the maker of them - is High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems - or HPEVS, and they have grown their product line since I discovered the motors back in January 2010!

Their page that lists the Drive Systems - shows the many choices they make. I had some thoughts earlier to go with the AC20 as a light weight replacement for my current DC Motor that is a GE unit weighing in at 170 lbs! Of late - I have been considering the AC35 - as a balance between weight and power/torque interests. Many people have recommended the AC50 - as the preferred motor of choice - but I see the extra 30 lbs as contrary to my goals.

I also see them bringing on two new interesting enhanced motor options - 144 Volt Motors coming soon (currently in vehicle testing), and Dual Motor (Siamese Twins) AC35x2!

Just who is this company? To Quote them:
"Who is Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems?
Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems (HPEVS) designs, develops and manufactures 3-phase AC induction drive systems for an array of vehicles and industries. These systems have been integrated into full-sized vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, golf carts, motorcycles, industrial/utility vehicles and even amusement park attractions. These systems are designed to achieve maximum distance, power and efficiency."

Looking more at the AC35 - as provided by one of the Vendors - Electric Motorsports EV Parts, we can see that at 96 Volts - the peak torque of 120 ft. lbs. and 55 Hp. is quite fine for a simple little Pontiac Firefly vehicle (Geo Metro) like my Electricfly! You can also see here on the CANEV site that the AC35 is also lighter than even the little Warp 8 Motor!

When Searching for Vendors of the Motors - usually pick one of them - and search for example:
AC-35 motor - or AC-50 motor - or maybe - AC-20 motor. A search for HPEVS motors gives some additional interesting results!

If you still think Electric is not the way to go - then consider what the influences are locally - and see Toronto Gas Prices! You get a feeling for what I am motivated by - considering 3.78 Litres = 1 US Gallon, and you can see our prices at $1.25/Litre = $4.725 a Gallon, and at $1.35/Litre = $5.103 a Gallon!

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