Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Couple Free EV Fest 2012 Tickets for my Followers!

Coming to EV Fest 2012? Want in for Free? Just start By Clicking Here to get your 100% Discounted Advance Guest Tickets  - On Me!

Oh - and I am getting some time to work on Electricfly - Have the Single Battery Box Cover Clips installed so I can Clip down and lock the Battery under a cover, as well as a Hold Down - keeping it away from prying fingers when I take it to shows - Like EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show!

Looking for More EV Fest 2012 Information - Come over to the site and See the Exhibitors, under the 'About' Menu item, or Get Tickets information under 'Tickets, etc. - go to EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show Website!

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