Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SLA Power Battery PRC-1255S update

Had some Friends come over to help me try to get Electricfly Ready for EV fest 2011, almost made it - but had a charger problem - one of the custom chargers setups for the front 3 traction batteries, plus the accessory battery - failed on Traction Battery #2! The new Batteries I was putting in to try out - are smaller - only rated at 55Ah - but not much lighter at 44 lbs vs. the 100 Ah Trojans at 50 lbs! I heard some good things about them and some bad, plus these are used 24 - 30 months working in an Industrial UPS system - Emergency Lighting power, but I got them for Free, just check them and pick them up - so hard to complain, but when I tried to get a price on them new - the company was out of business!

Technically - they are rated at about the same capability as a ThunderSky 40 Ah Cell = 2 hours at 0.5C load = 40Ah for the TS, and 2 hours at 20.5 Amps for the Power Battery (just these are much heavier - 20 Kg vs ~6.4 Kg for the TS!)

For an interesting opening read on this - check out this question - What is the Cost of a Pound? pdf document!

In any case - I have also since found one installed in the back to not hold a charge well, so have to swap it with a spare I kept!