Thursday, November 17, 2011

Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) Approves EV World's Converted Vehicles

August 2010: Media Link.

evHUB is proud to be the first company to obtain Singapore LTA approval for its full plug-in electric vehicles conversions to operate on local public roads.

After submitting all required documentation, our converted vehicles were sent to VICOM Ltd. for mandatory testing. VICOM Ltd. is Singapore's leading provider in technical testing and inspection services. After passing all required tests and inspections, the vehicles underwent inspections conducted by the Land Transport Authority Vehicle Engineering Division.

The Asian Development Bank released a Road Safety Guidelines Report in which Singapore was cited as an example of good practice. The report states: “Singapore has what is probably the most sophisticated and closely regulated system in the world for control of vehicle standards. The Singapore vehicle testing system might be perhaps better described as ideal practice.”  (see reference here)

Converting a conventional vehicle to full EV is akin to performing open heart surgery where the internal combustion engine and related components are removed and a full electric powertrain is implanted. evHUB embarked on a conversion roadmap to gain an in-depth understanding of EVs, their design engineering requirements, functionality, limitations and strengths.
For more information about our EV converted platforms, read here.
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