Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How Many EV Conversions are out there? How are They Powered?

That Answer could take a while to get accurate - but those that have posted on EV Album - http://www.evalbum.com/ - can be counted! Today - at this point that stands at a Current Total: 3,487 Vehicles!

This of course does not include the many that have been converted and not listed here! (I know of a couple in Ontario, near the GTA alone!)

The Largest number by a country is the United States with 1891 listings, Lead by California with 426, then Washington State with 135, and Texas with 114. Oregon comes in with an Honorable Mention at 104 Listings!

Canada - comes in with 186, Lead by Quebec with 67, Ontario with 47, and British Columbia with 42. Alberta Gets Honorable Mention with 18!

Australia comes in with 120, Lead by New South Wales with 31, followed by Western Australia with 24, and Queensland with 22. Honorable Mention goes to Victoria with 18!

The 'Motherland' - Great Britain, comes in with 103 listings, Lead by England with 70, Scotland with 21, and Wales with 9. Isle of Wight brings in the last 3!

That leaves 1,181 remaining vehicles sprinkled around the planet in numerous countries - all doing something to do their part in moving away from burning something to move around!

You can do your own check - here - http://www.evalbum.com/geo

You can also research by other than location - for Example - Motor Types - http://www.evalbum.com/mtrtp to get an idea of what is the most popular motors, and with searches like this - it is good to track this over time to see how the numbers change as we get newer and better motors for use in EV Conversions!

The Quantity leader today is the Series Wound DC Motor - with 1,574 units chosen, followed by the Permanent Magnet DC with 620 units chosen, and coming up fast is the 3-Phase AC motors with 403 Units Chosen! Honorable Mention would go to the Brushless DC with 297 Units Chosen! This is something you should check at least each month to get a feel for what is the uptake of each type and how it is progressing, to get an idea of what is preferable!

Next - a Look at Battery Types - http://www.evalbum.com/battt - will show that the predominant EV Conversion Choice is lead by Flooded Lead Acid at 1,109 Vehicles using this! Followed close behind with the Absorbed Glass Mat Lead Acid (AGM) with 809 Vehicles using this, and then Lead-Acid Gel Batteries with 272.

These numbers are largely due to the lack of any other choices in the last decade as many of these conversion are older ones, and also due to the idea that these batteries are less expensive (They have not read my current white papers from my website yet - http://www.myelectricfly.com/whitepapers.php to do the math as I have presented it, or they to might change their mind!)

Interestingly enough though - the next three choices are all Lithium Variants, with Lithium-Ion Being Chosen for 252 Vehicles and Lithium Iron Phosphate for 235 Vehicles, and Lithium Polymer for 138 Vehicles!

So - While 2,190 Batteries are of the Lead Acid Variety, I know that many of these are being changed to variations of Lithium Technology as the price for these drops, supply becomes more available, and awareness of the value increases. So while there are just 625 listed vehicles today using Lithium Variants, if you check back regularly over the next few years, on a month to month basis - I am sure you will see a slowing of the uptake of Lead Acid, and an increase in the uptake of Lithium Choices!

So - Now you know a pretty good answer to the questions of How many EV Conversions are out there and How are they Powered! Happy Hunting!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) Approves EV World's Converted Vehicles

August 2010: Media Link.

evHUB is proud to be the first company to obtain Singapore LTA approval for its full plug-in electric vehicles conversions to operate on local public roads.

After submitting all required documentation, our converted vehicles were sent to VICOM Ltd. for mandatory testing. VICOM Ltd. is Singapore's leading provider in technical testing and inspection services. After passing all required tests and inspections, the vehicles underwent inspections conducted by the Land Transport Authority Vehicle Engineering Division.

The Asian Development Bank released a Road Safety Guidelines Report in which Singapore was cited as an example of good practice. The report states: “Singapore has what is probably the most sophisticated and closely regulated system in the world for control of vehicle standards. The Singapore vehicle testing system might be perhaps better described as ideal practice.”  (see reference here)

Converting a conventional vehicle to full EV is akin to performing open heart surgery where the internal combustion engine and related components are removed and a full electric powertrain is implanted. evHUB embarked on a conversion roadmap to gain an in-depth understanding of EVs, their design engineering requirements, functionality, limitations and strengths.
For more information about our EV converted platforms, read here.
Following the links from this article will provide you with technical details and tools of understanding beyond the usual news link.

Video by evHUB: