Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 Days Left! Make some Money! Help Promote EV Fest!

10 Days to go for EV Fest 2011 Electric Vehicle Show!

You like a challenge and you love Electric Cars!
Tell me something about yourself, why you like Electric Vehicles, and why you think EV Fest should be a Big Hit! Contact me from the information on the website at EV Fest, and tell me why You should be my Top Promoter for EV Fest!

I will offer to make you an affiliate, and you can share in the process of bringing people to register as guests from your skills, contacts, and ability to find the right people who add value to a show like this, not just scoop up Fliers!

Oh - and you are one of my followers on this blog to qualify!
The Clock is ticking!
I put in most of the exhibitors registered in the first 10 days!

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