Friday, September 2, 2011

Evaporust - tested on Roof Rust Spots

I did not get pictures, but I can say using EvapoRust on a roof is trickier than using small parts soaking in a container of the product!

Having to cover each spot of rust with a heavy plastic sheet film, and a pad of folded paper towel soaked with Evaporust tucked inside and the whole thing taped down to keep the solution in place and so it does not evaporate doe work, but it might take more than a few treatments!

I had about 8 or 9 rust spots, little bubbles in the primer I had already sprayed the roof with, and had sanded off the excess paint for better soution coverage, but had left each cover patch on for 1-2 days at a time. some Came Clean from rust quickly - other took a few cycles, with some sanding in between.

When each spot was clean, and no more rust visible, just metal color - I cleaned and prepped the surface, and quickly shot the area with Grey Rust Paint Primer again! As of now - there is just one of those spots left, but I think there are a few others I need to clean in the same fashion.

When I am confident I have taken car of the spots that I can see - I will give the roof a few additonal coats of Primer and Wet Sand it with #320 Paper and a rubber block or a hard sponge block and Wet/Dry Automotive Papers.

I will likely do that a couple times, then - take it to my local body shop for a couple coats of White Paint.

Somewhere in all this - I need to setup, drill the pickup holes and install anchor nuts for the future plan of a solar roof mounting system attach. Hopefully - I can do that as soon as I nail the last of the rusty spots, and before the block sanding operations!

The Bottom Line on Evaporust - it seems to work OK on this application. I will be testing it and comparing it to another similar product called Metal Rescue soon, on small parts I can treat by soaking, as it is intended for!


Anonymous said...

So you can soak rust spots on car paint with evapo-rust and it doesn't harm the surrounding paint? Did you have better or worse luck with the Metal Rescue?

Electricfly said...

I Never Really got a solid Comparison Test Done between the two products, unfortunately. Robert.