Sunday, April 24, 2011

Electricfly Sheds Pounds, Suddenly!

On March 16, 2011, at about 2:30 P.M. - electricfly lost about 10 lbs all of a sudden when a Cube Van squeezed by where it was parked, pushing it forward 4-6" (Even though the brakes were on!), crushing the lower right corner of the Hatchback frame, and blowing out the back glass! With the Backwindow gone - it was about 10 lbs lighter!

That is based on the glass that I swept up at the time, compared to what I picked up today from what remained that I removed, and while I don't have the hard figures it would appear - based on the weight of theglass that remained, compared to the volume that blew out - that it should have been about 10 lbs!

We Still did the "electricfly Aero Mods" Event, and as the weather was a bit wet we mostly discussed possible mods to the car inside, until the end of the Event,when it began to dry out outside.

Today, I did some clean up on the Glass as I had finally some time to do so since confirming with the Insurance company that I am not at fault, and that they will cover the repair. In the process - I discovered that one of the two positive posts - the 'Traction' wiring - had actaully melted a significant portion of that post head, and it had 'drooled molten lead' down the side of the case, and onto the polypropylene ropes for the battery handle! (Good thing I was digging deep to vacuum out the shatered glass, or I might not have even noticed this one!)

I Alread had one copy of the new Power Battery High Rate AGM's that I was looking to switch the pack for while waiting on money for my Lithium cells, so I dissconected all th wires to the Battery #7, and swapped it out for the new AGM Power Battery! (Well - new to me and to Electricfly - actually a used UPS battery from an Industrial UPS set at work.)

Still need some washers to suit - since the bolt is an 8mm bolt instead of a 1/4" or 5/16" bolts as on the Trojan SCS150's installed before. Also - this means new nuts required as the exisiting wing nuts won't work, and the wiring lug end has a bit larger hole - more suited to 5/16" - hence the need for washers!

I will update with pictures later this week!