Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not Just Electricfly Driver - Also EV Surge Editor and More!

While many people read my posts here like what they see, and many also watch in depth activities in the Electric Car Fields, I should point out that while I am working on the Battery Electric Research Vehicle I call electricfly, I also am the Editor of the Newsletter for the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada - called EVSurge, which we usually produce 6 times a year since I began, but 2010 had such a large increase of EV News, that both it's size and it's freqency have taken a bump up, with an extra issue in the spring, and more pages to share the increasing EV Content happening out there with members of the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada.

I am also Editor of their web site - - and this year worked on two EV Shows with them: In the Spring we put together our first this year, and the first in many years they have been involved in - called EV Show & Shine, on April 10, 2010; followed by a fall show - EV Fest, Toronto's Premium Electric Vehicle Fall Festival, with it's own web site at!

If you want to know more about the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada - see the website - or if you're in the Greater Toronto Area - come by for a visit at one of our General Meetings - we meet 10 times a year on the Third Thirsday of the month, excepting July and Augus, at Centennial College - Ashtonbee Campus.

So if you see anything missing or out of date on the website there - well - that would be my bad! I also work in Aerospace which also has deadlines to meet with scheduled deliveries and such so I often have to choose who gets my energy - and in the end - work has to come before the Volunteer activities, though it has had it's moments of trade off -in the end it has to win. Looking for work in Aerospace? There are some job openings there at the moment!