Thursday, August 5, 2010

Instrument Pod - Finally Free!

After Finishing with the Manual 3D Scanning of the Gas Tank Space, I decided to get one more EV Item dealt with today!

The Other project of using the basic instrument display was removed from the car and used as a reference structure for making a back shell plug, with the intent to make a mold and create instrument cluster back shells. that was some time ago, and at the last opportunity to work on it, it was ready for sanding, smoothing and prep fpr making the mold, but - it was still holding the operational analog gauges captive, so today - I finally got or took the time to get serios and spring the original instrument rack free!!

Using the Wifes never before used Dremel, and both the carbide cutt-off and the small router bit to start the jail break! After the UV-Curing Body Plastic and Aluminum Mesh were cut through, the next material was the ill fated and badly chosen Dollerama Modeling clay - which of course made a lot of dust with the use of the rotary cut-off carbide.

Next attack was with the Router Bit, and finally saw-blade knifes to clear the remaining Expando-foam support, and release the back-shell from the basic instrument support!

The Total time to spring the Instrument rack and clean up the back shell plug was about an hour and fifteen minutes. Not so bad, actually! Now I just need to vacuum the Ammeter, and Voltmeter, and decide if they are going to be serviced and checked for valid performance, or simply put back in service while I work out the back shell mold/parts process!

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