Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Electricfly Gets it Clear!

Monday saw my electricfly get new glasses, or - in fact, a brand new windshield!

It had been living with a crack some 40% of the way accross from lower right to nearly the mid point of the windshield, and - along the way - the corrosion and rust at the upper windshiled frame needed cleaning, so that got take care of at the same time, along with new Rust Limiting Primer along the edge and forward roof section!

Brian from Corporate Auto Glass took care of the removal, and replacement processes and did a very Fine Job of it!

Just one of the many things needed getting done to improve the appearance of the car, and continue with the refhinishing of the roof and other body panels. More notes and the Pictues to follow!

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Ben said...

I just had almost the same thing happen!
I just started filming my HOW TO BUILD AN ELECTRIC CAR video when I found a giant crack through myGeo Metro's windshield!

Just was literally minutes before I was going to videotape the car for the DVD!

I picked up a replacement windshield from the salvageyard, but still need to get it in.

Hope it looks good when I am done!