Sunday, April 11, 2010

Best In Show Award - EV Show & Shine BBQ - April 10, 2010

Brian Kirk and Graham Lambert Won Best in Show for their Work In progress of a Conversion of a Porsche 944 'SM944'.

It was nice to see there two new 5-packs of 100 Ah Thunder Sky Cells in the car, the Lithium Iron Phosphate ones, like I have done a white paper on  my web site, and I compared my 40 Ah ThunderSky Demo Cell besides the 100 Ah Cells: Just alittle bit larger than mine - in height, width, and thickness!

They are on their way, and further added to the support as to moving EV's to Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells Sooner, rather than later!

Brian, Graham, Thanks for Bringing your car and supporting our Show!

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