Thursday, March 4, 2010

Electric Vehicle Parking Spots Scoped Out

Due to the Nature of Private Property issues, and Security Standards, I ended up having to stop by the Vice President's office for a little help getting permission to take the requested sample parking place pictures, but I did get permission before days end at work!

So - I scoped out one spot in current car-pool areas, next to a light pole (Wooden), and one spot in the general parking next to a Steel Light Pole of which there are two lines of three like that there, and each of which could suit up to 4 EV Spots with power, and finally I scoped out a sample spot in the Long-Service Parking area, for our more senior members to take advantage of!

In the end - we will ultimately find out how well my employer is serious about supporting Electric Vehicles!

(March 6, 2010 update: There are two lines of three steel poles, & Amazon Book Addition)

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