Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pack Batteries OK! Accessory Battery Bad!

Drove the electricfly to work last night and back this morning - and put it on a charge run this morning at about 07:20 hrs. Just checked it (10:45) to disconnect the chargers - and - the group 24 pack batteries were all fine at 100% and so was the Accessory Battery (it said), then I reset the chargers and the U1 Accessory Battery showed up again as the same 9% SOC that it was this morning before the first charge! (10.5V)

Well - that is pretty obvious it is done for, toast, fried, finished, gonners, dead, kaput! But - since I have not had the time to do a battery switch just now - I decided to just put it on charge again, alone, at just a 2A charge and leave it until I go to work early this evening!

The Temperature right now is not so bad - just -2C, like about 28F!

It is just another good reason to start thinking more aobut going with the Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells - LiFePO4: Mot likely Candidate source to Be Thunder Sky Cells from EV Components in Washington State.

First Plan seems to come out with 4 x 40 Ah Cells for the Accessory Battery, with one custom charger for it.

Next Plan calls for a set of 33 x 100 Ah Cells for the main pack - installed right where the gast tank used to be, With it's own charger & BMS Sytem - all yet to be determined!

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