Wednesday, January 6, 2010

96 Volt AC Motor Package

I was just looking over the web site at EV Components yesterday an noticed this nice 96 Volt Motor, & Controller Package! It said it had more torque than the AC motor I had been considering - the Azure Dynamics/Solectria system 'AC24'. So - I had to check it out!

The Key info - in the Description - firs part of the first paragraph was of interest: "High Performance AC motor, with 96 volt Curtis Regen Controller. This motor and controller combination produces 50 hp peak and 100 ft/lbs of peak torque. Will make a performance car out of smaller vehicles such as the Geo Metro."

So - 100 ft/lbs of peak torque, and the AC 24 chart says 55.32 ft/lbs of peak torque at 156 Volts, or 60.48 ft/lbs of peak torque at 312 Volts! So - if it is true - then this is at least double the acceleration response as to torque!

The Price from EV Components - $4,295.00, where the ElectroAuto Prices - show the AC 24 at $2,595.00, plus the DMOC445 controller at $3,495.00!

that is over $6,000.00 for the AC24 Package, plus it runs at a higher voltage - about 160V, so more Cells or Batteries are needed to feed it!

So - While I had thought of using the AC24 Motor for an upgrade - this package from EV Components - if it stays available until I scoop up the $4300 will be much better - from the first glance at it!

See the Update on 96 Volt AC Motor Package - Here!
(Feb. 2, 2013)


Anonymous said...

The problem with a lower voltage system is that it requires more current to make the same torque as a higher voltage system. Also, more current makes for larger gauge wire or interconnect requirements. Higher current also makes for worse performance due to Peukert taking a larger cut from your packs capacity. You may save cash up front with a lower voltage system, but you could very well make up for that savings in battery pack wear and tear. -Mike

Electricfly said...

Hi Mike, Thanks for your thoughts. I would not use this package with a PbA (Leas Acid) Battery System! Period! For one - Lead Acid, or PbA Systems are just for making sure the wiring works, in my Opinion (After about 2.5 years on my set!)

I will be switching to Lithium!

The Lowest Cost - Lithium Cells available currently are Thundersky Lithium Iron Phosphte - Power Battery Cells from EV Components, which is what I plan on using for my next set, and - where I plan on buying them from.

I will be posting my thoughts on the specifics of this soon.