Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Superlattice Power Inc Increased Efficiency of Li-Ion Battery

In a Press Release dated June 24, 2009, Superlattice Power, Inc. announced a battery inovation that can increase the range of an electric car by 1.5 times.

According to the Release: "The new technology was used by EV Innovations Inc. and the driving range of electric car has been increased by at least 1.5 times. Further research work will be continued with a next generation battery pack where the cathode material with superlattice structure will be used and the expected specific capacity is 1.5 times compared to the cathode, LiMnxNiyCozO2."

They have developed a new charging algorithm as well, using a multistage charging rate, unusual in Li-Ion Charging profiles.

According to their website - "SLAT (Or Superlattice Power Inc.) has taken a step ahead to pioneer Superlattice Cathode Material for the use in Lithium Ion Rechargeable. HYBT has successfully introduced Superlattice nano and submicron materials from laboratory to industrial scale."