Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Still not Started Wiring Heater in!

Been busy with my Dodge Aerocap project, and have been logging data on my batteries and doing other things - so - have not got back to the heater wiring install part of that project.

Between either being tired from work, or having crappy weather to work in, or working on the aerocap - I have not got back to it, but hope to get something done on it by the end of the weekend coming!

Battery #2 must be really sick, today - on the way home from the bank and shopping - the Woodward Display showed battery #2 dipped down below 9 Volts, then a feww seconds later - it went down to about 4.5 Volts!! (Pretty Sad for a 12V Battery) So - when I got home - I put the pack on the chargers right away, even though most of the pack was at 12.6 - 12.8 or 12.9 Volts in one case.

A Few Days back - I did get one of the new Equalizers installed - to switch the one I had in the rear, attached to the hold-down for Battery Number 6, and instead - put the Equalizer on the rear 4 battery hold down on the left side, so as to be able to shorten the wires, and still reach all the last 4 batteries. (Hoping this will improve it's efficency some!)

Still have not installed the third and (as planned) final BattEQ Equalizer, to cover the split btween battery #4 - #5. It has pre-run wires from the back to the front - so as to be able to pick up Battery #3 in the front, and then to Battery #4, #5, & #6 in the rear of the pack, with short wires. I plan to mount it also on the main rear battery hold-down bar, with a polycarbonate plastic plate, the same as the current rear-mounted BattEQ.


Don Miller said...

Will the BattEQ be able to save battery #2? Is #2 defective (sounds like it) or just undercharged because of the unequalized pack?

Or maybe it's jsut a wait and see?

Electricfly said...

The BattEQ Systems Recommended are basically light weight units, designed for aobut a maximum of 6 amps transfer, so - if Battery #2 is already damaged, it will likely not be savable, but might be able to hold out for a bit longer (Hopefully).

I feel that a unit with the ability to transfer up to 0.25C or 25 Amps in my case - would be more viable, but of course - I had driven hard and run the Batteries way past or lower than 10.5V a few times before getting the PakTrakr Sensor and Woodward Display installed, back when I made full on Highway trips to the welding shop.

I Limped home - as in drive a 1/2 a km, wait and rest, and try again - repeatedly, until the pack voltage was below 65 Volts in at least one instance, and a load of just 25 Amps was not even possable - So I am sure more than Battery #2 has been compromised, but it just might sow as the worst, when others would show up as the worst if it was replaced with a new battery.!