Monday, September 1, 2008

PakTrakr Remote Lead Extention, BattEQ Rear Started

I spent a lengthy period of time today - tracking down the wires on the second remote I wanted to extend the leads to the Blue Plug End, because - this one did not have the normal Black, Red, and Green - wire colors! Instead - the green lead (Data) - was replaced with a Black Insulated Lead, and the Red Lead (Power) was replaced with a wire with a clear covering insulation, and - the normal Black or Ground lead - was a bare wire! That made it a bit of a concern that I get the leads wired right - as I was going to cut the line back from the plug by about a foot, and add-in a number of feet of my own Red-Green-Black wire to extend the leads so as to properly wire my remotes so that the serial data stream going to the Woodard Enhanced Display contains the battery data in the right order to my liking!

I unreeled from spools - the number of feet I wanted in Red, Green, and Black; then tied them together with small wraps of electrical tape, then twisted and soldered the joints together, and covered them with relevant colored Heat shrink tubing.

Finally - I fished the wires from the front remote (that I was extending the leads on) back to the rear pack remote, re-installed the wires in sequence, and confirmed it was blinking - then connected it to the rear remote - confirmed that one was still blinking - then - hooked up the rear remote to the PakTrakr Display - Voila! Success!!

Now - the display shows the Battery Voltages (& Temps) from Batteries #1, #2, and #3 - in the front of the car - as on Remote A, and the Voltages (& Temps) from the batteries in the back of the Car - #'s 4 - 8, as on Remote B, so - I got it!!

Also - Spent some time to get the Second Battery Equalizer Mounted in the rear Battery Pack Area. I chose to mount it on a piece of Polycarbonate Plastic that I screwed to the Hold Down for Battery #6.

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