Thursday, September 4, 2008

Install Wires, Rear Seats, Heater, and Dash!

Today - I took the day of work - as I am trying to get the car ready for Bombardier's Family Day to show it there - lots of work left to do!

I started the day with the car striped of seats, and decided first to get wired up the New Kill switch (the old one broke when I too out the Dash last fall - it was hard soldered to its wires with no removable connectors).

After that - I got the AC power cord covered with the 1/2" split-loom harness cover and tucked under the seat rails (had to remove the end plug, tuck it though, then re-attach the plug), and over the rear wheel wells (tucked it between the wheel well outside and inside skin & structure).

After that - I covered the PakTrakr Lead that ran to the location on the Front PakTrakr Remote - but was now connected to the PakTrakr Display, with 1/4" Split-Loom Harness.

Next - I cut to length 2 wires for the Third BattEQ - yet to be installed, to run from the battery #3 at the front, back to the first position of the Equalizer in the rear - wrapped them at intervals with tape, and the wrapped them with tape to the 4th battery lead running from the Front Equalizer - back to Battery #4, then covered those three wires with 1/2" Split-Loom harness cover for the full length.

All these three groups were now covered - from front to back - and through the firewall for better protection from abrasion, and other attack. this covered the Right Hand side, now on to the left.

Next - I fully wrapped the Red-Green & Black wires for the Extension on the PakTraker Remote that lead from the front remote - to the connection at the rear remote, with spiral wrap, after which it also was covered in Split-Loom Harness covering, right up through the firewall and up to the remote.

This was followed by securing the carpet back in place and reworking the nylon anchor strips attached to the floor carpeting by re-stapling and tidying up the edges, and vacuuming again!

Next came the Re-Installation and securing of the panels on the inside - rear, Left & Right, and tailgate, and making sure the wires had the length to reach as needed.

Then - it was on to the Rear Seat Re-Installation! Got the Bottom In and the back secured, and it was starting to look good again!

This was followed by the loosening of the Dash Lower Cross-member support and installation of the Heater Assembly. The throttle pedal needed to be partially un-bolted and loosened up to tuck one leg of the Heater Assembly under it and then get it's nut on and snugged up a bit - and then the throttle could be re-secured! Then the other side lower stud location had it's nut spun up and the top two screws installed and everything tightened up. Of course - the lead wires for the new heating element were run thought the dash - and also - covered in 3/8" Split-Loom Harness covering for protection.

It was late afternoon by this time and I was just beginning to get the Dash Installed, when I remembered - as I was installing a dash from the Wrecking Yard - from a sued car - I needed to switch the VIN Tags. After getting this done - I stuck the Voltmeter and Ammeter Gauge Wires (Analog) and the LXT Monitor wires up on the windshield Glass with Tape to hold them - and proceeded to get the dash installed!

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