Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First 2 BattEQ's Wired up!

Today - I got the first two Battery Eqaualizers wired up to the Batteries! The Long Leads on the Front BattEQ were first connected using Crimp-Type Butt connectors and then covered with Heat Shrink tubing to make the reach from the Firewall mounted BattEQ location to the batteries.

After that - the 5/16" Ring Terminals were crimped and sealed with Heat shrink Tubing, colored the same as the lead wires, whenever possible, and finally - the Ring Terminals were secured to the relevant batteries.

Now to watch and see when and if (or how well) they perform - by watching the results on the Woodward Enhanced PakTrakr Display - and - to log the events with the SD Data Logging option!

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