Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick sample of my Logging Display's Data

I decided to just put a small clip or two of the data I capture on my batteries while driving - to show how having the data on each battery can help make planning and operating factors available for safer battery usage and life - or - to give you some clues as to which battery will die first!! (Click on the Pictures to see larger, Full Size Views)

The first picture is showing the drive (discharge) condition as I was climbing a long hill (Jane Street to Keele Street, along Wilson Avenue, Toronto) - and the second picture is a clip from the charge cycle that followed that drive.

It is not the whole data string - that was a 4 hour, 35 minute charge cycle - and this clip is just a few seconds worth of that data. Same for the Discharge sample.

Please note - the Battery Volts when shown as whole numbers with no decimal (like 145, 139, 650, etc., - are really 14.5, 13.9, 65.0 as the values are multiplied by 10, so to read them (If I have not already massaged the values - as I have done with Pack Volts - (112.7) - you need to divide the values by 10 for the actual Voltage or Amperage Value. The Minus sign is just the indication that it is measuring the values as Discharging the Batteries. (It depends on which way the Hall Effect Amp Sensor is installed).

At some point I will find a way to get a video of the logging display while running - you will be able to see the flashing 'Equalize' and other warnings!

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