Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Throttle Location - Finally Completed

Finally got the New Throttle Location Brackets completed as planned!!
This has been started last year - but interupted by the custom charger installation, as I went looking for flush metric screws - and discovered Rogue Robotics - where I did the Charger installation in the car.

I made a Gasket to go between the two plates to serve as a cushion to absorb any abnormalities and surface intrustions from screw heads and such, and to make sure the two plates had both mechanical stability and limited flexibility to absorb any remaining alignement issues from the rod end bearing and clevis designed throttle arm connections.

In any case - I finally got it like I want it - plate mounted to Throttle, Plate mounted to Steering Colum Supports, and the ability to easily, or at least - easier access the bolts holding on the throttle, bay accessing the bolts that hold the plate that is flush mounted to the throttle control box!

In the End...

The Final Mounting between the two plates is bolted in from the middle or center of the car, between the trottle location and the (soon to be installed) heater location. This should give decent access, far better than coming in behind the large Angle braket from between the steering column and it!

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