Saturday, August 30, 2008

Firewal Fuse Removed, Amp Sensor & Bussbar Relocated

Well, after fretting about the amount of rust on the bolts to the fuse on the firewall that carries the connection between the rear Battery #4 and the front Battery #3 - I thought of something at work today - use some CLR on Cotton Swabs (Q-Tips) to clean the threads and the nut itself!

That seemed to work just fine, and the wrench hardley had to work to get the nut started loosening! So then I applied some spark-plug grease (supposed to be Di-electric Grease) on the threads and finished removing the nuts! No problem!

So - I removed the cables from the fuse - removed the fuse, and then removed the Amp Sensor BussBar from the Neg post of Battery #1 that leads to the controller by way of the Shunt Current Sensor for my Analog Ammeter, and re-located it up on the firewall where the fuse was on one end, and connected that end to the cable from Battery #4, with the sensor in place, I connected the cable from Battery #3.

It was hard to hold the bolt and tighten it in that space - so I remove the other end of the post bolt - and tightened up the cable from battery #3 to the BussBar and re-installed it on the one Side of the Fuse Holder, and secured it.

Afte that - I took it our for a short test drive to make sure I got those connection done right! - So far - so good!

Now - to start with setting up the BattEQ Battery Equalizers...

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