Monday, August 11, 2008

Electricfly's Heater/Defroster Gets Made!

August 8th - The day the Heater Moves Forward again....Finally!

Made it up to Ottawa to connect with Rick Lane of REV Consulting, to get my Electric Heater Made, and to learn how that's done! (And to Pick up the required contactor, and get instructions on how to wire it into the cars heater/fan systems as an interconnect, so the heater only is powered when the fan is blowing air over it (Keeps it from melting things!).

Got Back from Ottawa, Saturday, August 9th, about 10 PM. About to finally go to bed at about 3:30 AM - heading for the shower when the whole building shook, from what I thought was a large truck hitting it, but was the now famous Sunrise Propane Blast and Explosion(s) beginning and wrecking what sleep I might get for some 36 hours straight!!!

You Tube - Huge Explosion

Google - Sunrise Propane Explosion
Propane Explosion Lawsuit
Google Map [Sattelite View is best] of 54 Murray (B4 Explosion!)

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