Sunday, August 31, 2008

BattEQ LA-4-100, First one Mounted, Extra Wires Mounted

The Mounting Location...

The first BattEQ Module has been mounted on the Firewall with two screws. I figured - to put it there, as the most distant place from any intrusion, accidental contact, or other event. It also makes for a reasonable place to see it, while protecting it from a lot of finger poking by onlookers, etc.

First Module Installation...
The existing wires (14 Gauge) have had extended wire lengths added so as to reach the battery posts from the mounting location in the center on the firewall. The pieces have simply been overlapped with the existing wires, and taped together so as to get a working length, and to prepare them for splicing or joining - and the adding of ring connectors later.

Extended Wire Runs....

As the Equalizer module serves four batteries, there are five wires in all - one for the first batteries negative post, and one for each positive post on battery #1 - battery #4.
As the run from the BattEQ Module to Battery #4 is a long distance - I have chosen to run 12 Gauge wire for the extension length (about 8-9 feet with the run through the firewall, along the door sill, and back to the rear battery pack.

Tie-Wrap Mounts...

A number of Tie-Wrap Anchors have been pop-riveted around the edge so as to secure the leads from the BattEQ with Tie-wraps. Aluminum pop-rivets were used so as not to crush the Nylon Mounts. They were place along the firewall, along the inner fender edges, and - where possible, along the front rad mount frame.

The Data Logging Display...
This is a preliminary mounting - just to secure the wires, set the wire lengths and attachments, add the ring connectors, and do a balance connection test - while logging the data with the enhanced Data Logging display. I hope to log the before connection and after connection battery voltages and observe if there is a noticable change in the current condition of the Unbalanced batteries.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Firewal Fuse Removed, Amp Sensor & Bussbar Relocated

Well, after fretting about the amount of rust on the bolts to the fuse on the firewall that carries the connection between the rear Battery #4 and the front Battery #3 - I thought of something at work today - use some CLR on Cotton Swabs (Q-Tips) to clean the threads and the nut itself!

That seemed to work just fine, and the wrench hardley had to work to get the nut started loosening! So then I applied some spark-plug grease (supposed to be Di-electric Grease) on the threads and finished removing the nuts! No problem!

So - I removed the cables from the fuse - removed the fuse, and then removed the Amp Sensor BussBar from the Neg post of Battery #1 that leads to the controller by way of the Shunt Current Sensor for my Analog Ammeter, and re-located it up on the firewall where the fuse was on one end, and connected that end to the cable from Battery #4, with the sensor in place, I connected the cable from Battery #3.

It was hard to hold the bolt and tighten it in that space - so I remove the other end of the post bolt - and tightened up the cable from battery #3 to the BussBar and re-installed it on the one Side of the Fuse Holder, and secured it.

Afte that - I took it our for a short test drive to make sure I got those connection done right! - So far - so good!

Now - to start with setting up the BattEQ Battery Equalizers...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick sample of my Logging Display's Data

I decided to just put a small clip or two of the data I capture on my batteries while driving - to show how having the data on each battery can help make planning and operating factors available for safer battery usage and life - or - to give you some clues as to which battery will die first!! (Click on the Pictures to see larger, Full Size Views)

The first picture is showing the drive (discharge) condition as I was climbing a long hill (Jane Street to Keele Street, along Wilson Avenue, Toronto) - and the second picture is a clip from the charge cycle that followed that drive.

It is not the whole data string - that was a 4 hour, 35 minute charge cycle - and this clip is just a few seconds worth of that data. Same for the Discharge sample.

Please note - the Battery Volts when shown as whole numbers with no decimal (like 145, 139, 650, etc., - are really 14.5, 13.9, 65.0 as the values are multiplied by 10, so to read them (If I have not already massaged the values - as I have done with Pack Volts - (112.7) - you need to divide the values by 10 for the actual Voltage or Amperage Value. The Minus sign is just the indication that it is measuring the values as Discharging the Batteries. (It depends on which way the Hall Effect Amp Sensor is installed).

At some point I will find a way to get a video of the logging display while running - you will be able to see the flashing 'Equalize' and other warnings!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Throttle Location - Finally Completed

Finally got the New Throttle Location Brackets completed as planned!!
This has been started last year - but interupted by the custom charger installation, as I went looking for flush metric screws - and discovered Rogue Robotics - where I did the Charger installation in the car.

I made a Gasket to go between the two plates to serve as a cushion to absorb any abnormalities and surface intrustions from screw heads and such, and to make sure the two plates had both mechanical stability and limited flexibility to absorb any remaining alignement issues from the rod end bearing and clevis designed throttle arm connections.

In any case - I finally got it like I want it - plate mounted to Throttle, Plate mounted to Steering Colum Supports, and the ability to easily, or at least - easier access the bolts holding on the throttle, bay accessing the bolts that hold the plate that is flush mounted to the throttle control box!

In the End...

The Final Mounting between the two plates is bolted in from the middle or center of the car, between the trottle location and the (soon to be installed) heater location. This should give decent access, far better than coming in behind the large Angle braket from between the steering column and it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Woodward Enhanced PakTrakr Logging Display Now in for Testing

Got the display last week, before the big Propane Explosion in the area near Downsview, caused a mess in any kind of regular plans! Have got the PakTrakr now installed, the Serial Interface installed, and the Woodward enhanced Display installed in a test position also (like the PakTrakr Display!).

At first glance - it seems like it would help reduce the abuse on the batteries, and - using the logging function - of the Woodward Display - gives a record of the trip or day or month - depending on the duration I leave the SD card in and it's size! currently - I have been pulling the card after each trip to grab the data and save it as a different file so as to work with it.

Tonight I put in a clean 256 MB SD Card, while charging up the batteries, for an all night run. It will be a big file (since - it logs a line of data each second, which - I understand - is a fixed rate, and that is 60 x 60 x ~ 6-8 Hours overnight, so a lot of lines to look at!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Electricfly's Heater/Defroster Gets Made!

August 8th - The day the Heater Moves Forward again....Finally!

Made it up to Ottawa to connect with Rick Lane of REV Consulting, to get my Electric Heater Made, and to learn how that's done! (And to Pick up the required contactor, and get instructions on how to wire it into the cars heater/fan systems as an interconnect, so the heater only is powered when the fan is blowing air over it (Keeps it from melting things!).

Got Back from Ottawa, Saturday, August 9th, about 10 PM. About to finally go to bed at about 3:30 AM - heading for the shower when the whole building shook, from what I thought was a large truck hitting it, but was the now famous Sunrise Propane Blast and Explosion(s) beginning and wrecking what sleep I might get for some 36 hours straight!!!

You Tube - Huge Explosion

Google - Sunrise Propane Explosion
Propane Explosion Lawsuit
Google Map [Sattelite View is best] of 54 Murray (B4 Explosion!)