Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Equalisers Almost Here - Enhanced PakTrakr Display ordered

Just checked with UPS Tracking - The BattEQ LA-100-12V Equalisers order from Grants Pass EV are almost here!! (Passed over the border already and on their way to Toronto, to get sorted for local delivery tomorrow!!)

One thing I have been noticing - is that even though I have individual Smart Chargers - the Finising voltages on the batteries is not always the same - but - after some time they level off at 13.2 Volts.

Also - for my PakTrakr, have ordered the logging version of the Enhanced Display - and the current sensor - so I can record the battery conditions (Pre-Equalizer Install) for the purposes of a possible battery warranty replacement on Battery #2 and #6 - as they are going through an initial voltage increase under load (compared to the packs other batteries) and then doing a major sag, with #2 worse, but #6 not far behind, both going under 12V while the others are about 12.5!

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