Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BattEQ Battery Equalizers Ordered!

I ordered 4 BattEQ 12Vx100A Equalizers on July 9, 2008 from Grants Pass Electric Vehicles, Oregon! Got a great price at $595 + $20 Shipping. (usual cost - list @ $199 ea. = $792.00)
Should be here shortly - coming by UPS!

I have been driving the car as usual and at my last charge-up noticed that Battery #2 again is low - this time at about 20% while most were at 80 - 85% and one was at 65%, so there may be some issues regarding replacement before equalizing is installed!

Having received the PakTrakr (Basic), and considering this issue - it is suggestive of the need or value of the PakTrakr Accessory: Add-on Display + Data Logger, then we can analyse the battery and determine it's issues compared to the others in the pack much easier.

I spoke last Thursday to Paul Olsen at Ontario Battery Services, and described this issue and he suggested - with some testing we might be able to verify it is indeed a bad battery and be able to go for a warranty replacement! (That should give me a better pack to work with the Equalizers too!)

Summer Break (Vacation?) Plant Shutdown! (July 18th ... can I get the car stuff all done and still have some time to get away???) [3 weeks off]

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