Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wall Mart Shopping Trip

Sunday, June 8, 2008 - I drove the 'electricfly' to the Mall at Keele & Lawrence to do some shopping, and while there spoke with one of the managers about who best to discuss the idea of Wall Mart & a Charging Network at the stores. Got a tip as to where to begin that pathway!

Also - finished the trip with powere to spare, but - since it is easier to charge on Sunday Nights with my parking issues - I put the car on a charge, left it overnight, and that night I walked to work (which I can do easy enough!)

The charge put in, worked out to about 285 Wh / Km on that cycle of about 12.4 Kms, so obviously I was a bit heavy on the throttle in that drive, as many times I have gotten aobut 200 Wh / Km!

Also on Sunday - June 8, I finally ordered my PakTrakr Battery Gauges! This is a pic of the Order page:
I needed the extra remote because I have 8 Batteries, and the basic set with 1 remote only covers 6!

I have driven the car to work a couple times already this week, since I was a bit late leaving the house!

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