Friday, June 13, 2008

PakTrakr On it's way! (Part 1)

The PakTrakr that I order from Battery Powered Systems is On it's way!

It was shipped out on the 9th of June, and should be here today!

The Tacking information say's it left the Warehouse in Concord at 07:53 today, If I read it right! (And at 10:32 they got the corrected payment info for the UPS Border Fees to the system/driver!)

Unfortunatly - the Border Crossing Costs (UPS: $64.07) added up to almost as much as the PakTrakr extra Remote!

After I get this installed, and mounted - I will be able to see which of my 8 batteries is going low on volts first, and second, etc., so that I can avoid draining the weak battery beyond limits, and so I can plan my charges better! Also - when I get some history on the batteries with the paktrakr - I will be able to compare the changes when I install the Battery Equalizers!

It might help for me to get the Data Logging Interface also, and then maybe at the same time - the Current Sensor while I am at it, for better traking of the performance.

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