Sunday, June 22, 2008

Larger Format PakTrakr Add-on Displays

I have had somebody ask me about this and just today I found some good links on it!

It connects to the serial interface - either the simple one or the data-logging one, (ES1 or ES1R) and gives a larger screen, with multiple, simultaneous readouts, both graphic and numerical of up to 8 battery packs.

Here is a youtube video of the prototype on test data, and - you wanted to know - were to buy it? Woodward Aftermarket Components is one place.

I have my paktrakr and extra remote - picked it up just after my last post, and now I think I should get the amp sensor and the ES1R along with this new display!

A good plan when using the paktrakr - control the data noise! Using Noise Supressors for a couple bucks cleans things up greatly!

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