Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy EV Day!

Had a couple trips to work and back on this last charge on the car already today, and I came home from work, dropped off my Lunch Bag, picked up Bank materials, and went to the bank to do my deposit, came back home and took wife to a business appointment down Dufferin Street (Beside Red Lobster - but we did not have time to go for lunch there, oh well - maybe next time!).

After that - we came back up Dufferin to Wilson and over to Keele to do some Grocery shopping, then back home. I dropped of the groceries and the wife, and ran back to work to get some documents dealt with at Benefits, and had to make a quick run back home to get some original documents for photocopying for their file, then drove it back to work to deliver them. On the way home from the parking lot - I saw a fellow work I knew and caught up to him in the car, then beeped the horn to get his attention. He said he did not hear my car - so there is another example of the quiet EV power!

I popped the hood and gave him a quick look see and a couple minutes explanation of the facts on the car, and then he wanted to hear me drive away (if he could!), so I drove home.

At that point we had put about 18 Kms on the car since last charge, so I thought - well, I might as well set it up for a topping up charge of the batteries!

When I set up the car - this time I first took a notepad and wrote down the batteries (by number) plus the Accessory battery, then measured the volts at no load - with the Multimeter, and recorded that besides each battery respectively. Then I plugged in the chargers, and read their voltmeter initial value and percentage and recorded that. Interesting - most of the batteries were at about 80% full, but one was only at 60% and one was at 45%! This is more evidence I need to get the Battery Balancing products selected, and purchased and installed!!

So then I set the chargers up for charging (deep cycle battery mode for all the the AGM accessory battery), and set 8 or 12 amps setting for the batteries (12 Amps for the more Drained ones!), and recorded that per each battery.

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