Saturday, May 31, 2008

Safety Improvement

My Custom Charger has a 110V, 3-Prong plug on a cord of about ten feet in length that I had looped left and right behind the bumper but in front of the battery box at the front of the car. I just pop open the hood, pull out the cord, and plug it in - it was great!

The problem was - there was daylight - a space - between the top, and the road, so the cord could wiggle its way out of the space and sag down until it touched the road. I noticed this had happened one time a few weeks back so made a quick fix with foam and tape to keep it up where it belongs.

Unfortunately - the tape did not Stay stuck and the foam fell out, so I had decided to do a better fix.

So - this morning I got two aluminum plates, fitted them and drilled and pop-rivetted them in place under the steel support of the bumper. Voila! Success! The cord now can't drop out and it will always stay up in the gap!

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