Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gas Station Charging - Another Test

Besides the times when I had to limp into a gas station, and ask for a charge, I felt it was time to start going to gas stations while I have a good charge, and find a plug, and ask if it is OK to plug in and put some charge in my electric vehicle.

So - today - I went up the street to my nearby Sunoco Station, and asked the attendant if I could test out the charging of my electric car in the 'abandened' plugs where they used to have a Large Vacuum for Cars (part of their car wash service - but one had been removed, and the power plugs were still there in a covered, or weatherproof, Duplex plug).

I was told - sure - check it out!

Sure enough, when I plugged in I found it was a live plug, and so I set up the chargers to give a a charge at 12A, and went back in to the attendant to let him know it was working! I bought a pop, and drank that while I charged the car for a bit, then disconnected, and thanked him after about 30 minutes, and drove back home.

Some other time I will go back with my energy meter, and a camera for the pics of it in action.

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