Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Electricfly - uses

In normal use - I drive the car to the Bank, the Mall at Yorkdale, to Canadian Tire at Allen & Lawrence, to work, to Sheridan Mall at Jane & Wilson, and other simple local trips that driving a gas hog makes no sense for.

On longer trips - last Summer - I have driven from Wilson and Ancaster Rd, to 2220 Midland Ave. in Scarborough - just under 20 Kms. Or Also last November, from Wilson Ave. & Ancaster Rd. to 3200 14th Avenue, in Unionville - about 20 Km. For reason of Hills, traffic and lights - this last one - I had to charge up at a Gas Station!

That was a cute event! I says to the station attendant, "I see where you fuel up your gas customers - where do you charge up your electric car customers?" He says "2008?", "no - 1989" I say! "This I gotta See" he says! And then after checking it out, he showed where I could plug in and charge it up in back - just over from where I had parked.

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