Monday, March 12, 2012

Gas Pedal? What Gas Pedal? How about - How much Gas was saved?

Some people driving electric cars seem to get stuck on last century terminology - Gas Pedal! How about Accelerator Pedal? Or just Go pedal, the one beside the Stop pedal (The Brake Pedal)! Maybe we should color them Green for Go Pedals, and Red for Stop Pedals!

Also - some reports are coming in and say that Electric Car Sales have not exploded, so they must be dead!! Well - let's just compare - how many sales of other premium cars were there last year? (No - I don't have the answer - that's why it is a question!) Or - how about this - how many Extra Gallons (or Litres) of Gasoline were available for other drivers last year because of the electric Cars that did get sold?

Since an Electric car uses no Gasoline - ALL of the Gas it would have used if it were Gas Powered - is available for other cars! No Matter how many miles per gallon it would have gotten in a gas powered equivalent!

The Possibilities for an electric car to be fueled, if you will, by electrons moved by the sun, in your own properties space, via a Solar Photo-Voltaic panel (Solar PV, or Solar Electric), while likely a bit on the expensive side, generally have issues with creation, but cause so very little pollution with use as to be nearly non-existent, EV + PV = The True Green Solution!

Search EV + PV and you will find a number of sites on this subject! Like Jeff Chan's very descriptive pdf report by Sherry Boschert.

Beyond that - in My mind - Solar Power Production, in Work Parking Lots, that Feed the Grid, and as electric vehicles grow in numbers - charge them up - would do a lot to clean up local air conditions in Cities, and reduce the concentration of pollutants along road sides and in work site parking lots!

For those who want, but can't afford, an Electric Car, and want more than a 15 - 20 mph electric scooter, there are high powered electric scooters and Electric Motorcycles coming out now for 25% of the cost of an Electric Car, with - in some cases - even more range!

In all - the day of the Gas Pedal - is something your Grand Children might not even know about! Maybe even your children, if you are still young yet! Between Electric Vehicles, and Self-Drive Technology - either one or both of these items are likely to remove the terminology of the 'Gas' pedal from our vocabulary!

Enjoy your Gas Pedal While you can!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Discovery about the Trojan SCS150 Flooded Lead Acid Battery - the 1 Hr Rating!!!

I Finally found out the Actual 1 hour rating of the Trojan 100 Ah SCS150 12V Battery! It looks like Trojan Document MFSCS-6/01 and compares the Trojan SCS Series - the 150, the 200, and the 225: Group 24, 27, and 31 - Respectively, showing their performance from 1 - 25 hours!

It is rated at just 30 Amps for 1 hour! That is just 30 Amp Hours when compared to the 1 hour test ratings of the Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells! So the Blog Post - comparing the ThunderSky 40 Ah cells to the Trojan 100 Ah Cells - is not realy so bad after all - with 33% More Energy to 100% DOD versus the Lead Acid, and - interesting enough - the PRC-1255A Batteries I just tried in the car, as a new set - had a spec rating at 1 hour of 32.1 Ah - even more than the Trojan 100 Ah Batteries, and they are rated at just 55 Ah! Plus - the Weights:

Trojan SCS150 Group 24 100Ah rating at 20 hours (30 Ah at 1 Hr) Battery Weights 50 Lbs each x 8 = 400 Lbs.

Power Battery PRC-1255S, with a 55 Ah Rating at 20 Hours (32.1 Ah at 1 Hr), Weighs just 44 lbs per battery x 8 = 48 lbs less at 352 Lbs!

The Thundersky 40 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate puts out a full energy of 40 Ah to 100% DOD at 1 Hr, and weighs just a maximum of 1.6 Kg per cell x 32 cells = 51.2 Kg = 112.64 Lbs!! just 2.25 Trojan Batteries weight by comparison!