Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Electricfly Gets OK'd to fix!

This Past Thursday, my Insurange Adjuster for Western Assurance came to view the damage on my car (Finally) in front of the Body Shop! We are a Go! My attempt at saving time on thursday - by fetching a new hatchback from Discount Auto in Kitchener failed! The Part Looked the same, same style, car, etc., but did not match the specs of the hatch on the car!

The Metal frame above the glass - at center top, on my current one was 5.5" and on the one I picked up it was 4"!! The bolts mounting it fit, but it would not close!! So we had to go with fixing the current damaged hatch frame (Read - too much Bondo!) and adding a New Glass (Needed a new glass there anyway, and this is new, with the heater, and I saw on Monday - that it fits, but there is not window gasket or rubber wrap for the rear available, so we are going to go with painting it and working out a substitued sollution!

It is going to be painted White, and I will paint the roof white soon too, but need to clean up some now visible rust spots showing on the primer on the roof, first!