Monday, September 20, 2010

Just 26 Days Left to EV Fest - Toronto's Premier Electric Vehicle Fall Festival!

Just twenty six days left, and I will have my electricfly on exhibit at EV Fest, along with Electric 944 Porsche, Ranger, Saturn eVue', eSkoda, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Horseless Carriage, EVE, and More! Come on down to join me in Toronto as and EV Exhibitor or a guest at EV Fest - for more info!

Leave me a note as to what would be the best Electric Vehicle for you to see at an Electric Vehicle Show! Maybe we can get it for this show...but - most likley - it might take until the next show to get new requests on board!

Ok - now I am asking for help! If you are reading this post before October 17, 2010, the Sunday of EV Fest, then please forward this post to all your friends, and online e-zines regarding Electric Vehicles!