Saturday, April 10, 2010

Electricfly enjoys a good showing at EV Show & Shine BBQ

Using my Dodge Dakota with Aerocap, I took the electricfly down to the EV Show + Shine BBQ the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada held today at Scarborough Toyota, in conjunction with the Toronto Hybrid Group!

In the EV Collection showing up, We Had ESCORTEV, a Ford Escort Conversion from Barrie, Ontario, NOGAS96V - my electricfly, A Ford Ranger Electric from Scarborough, plus we had Two Works in Progress: SM944 - an 1983 Porsche 944 from Brian Kirk & Graham Lambert at, and 'eDart' - a 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger by Gavin Bogle.
Two EV Scooters Made it to the Show, and one was sold while there! There was also Ron McCurdy's Freedex Electric Assist Trike, which he drove around the shop and Visual Presentation area a lot, and Jan Szott with his Horseless Carriage!

In addition to that, we had a freshly converted Hymotion PHEV Prius from Scarborough Toyota, Plus their Regular Prius Customer Service Delivery Vehicle, a Hymotion PHEV Prius from the City of Toronto, Emile with his emileage 'Enginerus' PHEV Prius Conversion and two more Prius' - one of the Enginerus type and one Hymotion type!

Also on display was a TTC Hybrid Bus with the New A123 Lithium Pack (Much Better than the Lead Acid Packs they began with) and a Camry Hybrid being used for Taxi Service!

Non Vehicle Displays included Darius Vakili's presentation of his available Motor Controllers, Chargers, and DC-DC Converters for EV's, along with Solar/Wind Power Controlers/Chargers for the Off-Grid Crowd. Also were DVD and VHS presentations of various EV Machines, High-Mileage Special Vehicles, and more. In additon, Plug-In Canada also had a loop of their newly operational web site showing.

And...The BBQ was Great too! I got one burger Early, and one near the end - a double!

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