Monday, February 15, 2010

Unite for Global Climate Change - (Not) - According to the 'New Shell'

Jasmeet Sidhu is the founder of the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA), a network of students in the Peel Region working to implement environmental programs in all 220 Peel Region schools, and she writes -

"I almost spit out my coffee this morning as I was reading my copy of Toronto Star over breakfast.

Neatly inserted behind all the usual sections was one called "New Energy Future - The Energy Challenge and Environmental Responsibility". The first headline claimed to provide us with a 'reality check' on climate change, and scattered throughout the section are smiling feel good stories of employees of the tar sands with little myth buster boxes on tar sands production.

The entire section? Sponsored by Shell Canada."

To Read the whole story she wrote - continue to The Star Blog here

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