Tuesday, February 2, 2010

(Detroit) Autoshow Goes Electric!

The Detroit (North America International Auto Show, or NAIAS) for 2010 went very big on Electric!

They set out an area - Electric Avenue - just for Electric Vehicles, and most major OEM's also had a growth of Hybrids, and/or Electrics and PHEV's, or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Take Mercedes, for Instance - They were showcasing two new hybrids to come, and focusing on the fact that they use the new Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries, and don't take up space in the Trunk area for Batteries!

Toyota was showing previews and cutaway of their pending PHEV Prius, but were not strong on when it would be released yet, sharing concerns about battery reliability, and pack size. Inspite of that - they also showed a small all electric concept that was cute, but a bit strange - definitely concept - not near production, from my guess!

However - all these concerns have not stopped China's BYD from showing both Hybrids, and Full Electric Vehicles at the show!

The Show was occupied by almost 1/3rd of it's space with Electric Vehicles, and maybe about 4 OEM's showing new Hybrids. It also offered opportunities for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Makers to take passengers for rides downstairs and show off their wares. I took the opportunity to ride shotgun in the Tango, myself!

I had the opportunity to look at some new Lithium Polymer choices, and Dow Kokam is now the owner of Kokam America, which had a booth downstairs near the ride zone.

My current thought is to consider the possability of using Lithium Batteries in the very same pace as would have been accupied by the original 40 Litre, or 10.6 Gallon Gas Tank on the 1989 Pontiac firefly! (More on this soon!)

If you never got to see the show - one of the best areas was the Electric Avenue - dominated by the Progressive Automotive X-Prize for Automotive Performance - the search for a (group of) 100 mpg Vehicles that can be produced in volume - creating a winner of the $10 Million Dollar Prize, and the number of displayed contenstants on the wall mural, along with some of them in person at the show!

Let's See How Toronto's Feb. 12 - 21st: "2010 Canadian International AutoShow" does in comparison!

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