Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pack Batteries OK! Accessory Battery Bad!

Drove the electricfly to work last night and back this morning - and put it on a charge run this morning at about 07:20 hrs. Just checked it (10:45) to disconnect the chargers - and - the group 24 pack batteries were all fine at 100% and so was the Accessory Battery (it said), then I reset the chargers and the U1 Accessory Battery showed up again as the same 9% SOC that it was this morning before the first charge! (10.5V)

Well - that is pretty obvious it is done for, toast, fried, finished, gonners, dead, kaput! But - since I have not had the time to do a battery switch just now - I decided to just put it on charge again, alone, at just a 2A charge and leave it until I go to work early this evening!

The Temperature right now is not so bad - just -2C, like about 28F!

It is just another good reason to start thinking more aobut going with the Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells - LiFePO4: Mot likely Candidate source to Be Thunder Sky Cells from EV Components in Washington State.

First Plan seems to come out with 4 x 40 Ah Cells for the Accessory Battery, with one custom charger for it.

Next Plan calls for a set of 33 x 100 Ah Cells for the main pack - installed right where the gast tank used to be, With it's own charger & BMS Sytem - all yet to be determined!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

96 Volt AC Motor Package

I was just looking over the web site at EV Components yesterday an noticed this nice 96 Volt Motor, & Controller Package! It said it had more torque than the AC motor I had been considering - the Azure Dynamics/Solectria system 'AC24'. So - I had to check it out!

The Key info - in the Description - firs part of the first paragraph was of interest: "High Performance AC motor, with 96 volt Curtis Regen Controller. This motor and controller combination produces 50 hp peak and 100 ft/lbs of peak torque. Will make a performance car out of smaller vehicles such as the Geo Metro."

So - 100 ft/lbs of peak torque, and the AC 24 chart says 55.32 ft/lbs of peak torque at 156 Volts, or 60.48 ft/lbs of peak torque at 312 Volts! So - if it is true - then this is at least double the acceleration response as to torque!

The Price from EV Components - $4,295.00, where the ElectroAuto Prices - show the AC 24 at $2,595.00, plus the DMOC445 controller at $3,495.00!

that is over $6,000.00 for the AC24 Package, plus it runs at a higher voltage - about 160V, so more Cells or Batteries are needed to feed it!

So - While I had thought of using the AC24 Motor for an upgrade - this package from EV Components - if it stays available until I scoop up the $4300 will be much better - from the first glance at it!

See the Update on 96 Volt AC Motor Package - Here!
(Feb. 2, 2013)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

GeoMetro - 3D! Not The Same Geo Metro as GM Made!

Well, this is a new reference for my familiar name of the 3-Cylinder cars: GEOMETRO - a Hands on System for learning 3-D Geometry, particularly for teaching Children Science, and Engineering!

Got Children with Attention Span issues, "There are lessons upon lessons that a child can learn with Geometro materials starting in grade 1 and continuing to high school. Attention and passion are guaranteed."

Want your kids to get an idea about a Geodesic Dome? Want them to Manipulate Shapes and Structures, besides you and by breaking them? "Geometro offers a manipulative system and age-suited, extensively tested programs to enhance teaching of spatial Geometry."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Visiting Joel Clemens and his Electric Ranger!

Hey - It was messy weather today - but I took a drive down to Hamilton to Visit Joel Clemens, and see his Electric Ranger, in my Aerocap Dakota!

Along with just going for a Drive - I took along for him a couple group 27 Surrette Batteries from the original set in my electricfly that I had been charging and running tests on with the Duo-Regen Yellow Maxi-Life Desulphaters!

He Popped the Hood so I could see his front 4 batteries of the 12 he is using (144 Volt System). From this view - you can see how he mounted them in a rack just behind the front cross member, where the Radiator usually would be installed.

You can also see the Motor he used (Still has the heavy Lifting Ring on it!), and the Split-Loom Wrapping on his wires.

From this View you can See the Controller, IOTA DC-DC Converter, and top edge right of center - a disconnect relay controlled by the 'Ignition' key postition. It also is interfaced with the Vehicles Inertia switch for poweing sown if the vehicle gets hit!

There is also the Vehicles Original Wiring Interface Junction on the left.

Will be adding more shots of his truck shortly. Must get ready - am off to work again! So long Christmas Holidays! Hello Lear 45!