Sunday, December 13, 2009

Road Test Nets 2 new Believers!

After Sitting and not going anywhere while I contemplated the Batteries Conditon and PakTrakr Display saying the Batteries were at 78% after my last charge (did not reach 100% SOC, just sat at 78% - like a stuck needle!), I decided to give them another charge (since the Accessory Battery has pretty much packed it in too - it keeps dropping to 10% SOC), and then take the car out for a drive to give them a cycle!

After Charging - I drove the local neighborhood, side streets, and after a bit - up Willson to Garratt and up Garratt to Bombardier's parking lot. When I poped into the parking lot, I was surprised to see somebody working on their car so late and thought one ov my co-workers had a problem - so I pulled over to see what was up. Turns out it was just two local boyes out tweaking their Woofers in the back of the car under the Street lights in the parking lot.

While chatting with them, one noticed my car - that it was not making any noise - just sitting there! "Is that Car Electric?" He says! Of course - I replied - "Yes!" When they asked if I made it and I told them that High School Students did the Conversion some 14 years ago, The become ven more interested! That lead to a bit of an interesting, off the cuff - 'Show and tell' there under the street lights!

Of course - I showed them under the hood, the PakTrakr Gauges and Displays, and discussed the important things: "How Fast does it go?" "I've seen it up to 105 - 108 Kmh. on the Freeway, but the motor will take it up to 145 kmh with good batteries!"Business Card -

Of course - I took the time to promote the car and the website by Handing out Business Cards.

When I drove away - I still had my drivers window down - and I could hear them shout an excited - 'Yeah!'

Two on base - invited to the Next Electric Vehicle Society of Canada Meeting -

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