Wednesday, October 14, 2009

0.2 kWh = 2.6 Cents @ 13 Cents per kWh

That was the cost to recharge my electricfly tonight - just 2.6 Cents Canadian, that's about 2.5 Cents US! I admit, it was just for driving to work, and then back home, and I do make a real short drive to work - 0.7 Km today (back of parking lot - usually 0.9 km!), for a total of 1.4 km home - to work, to home, and the 200 watt hours used to recharge - after all charging losses are burned, still leaves an energy consumption of 142.857 Watt Hours per Kilometer (Km), or 1.9 Cents per Km!

1.4 Km
0.2 kWh Recharge Energy
$0.026 to recharge
142.857 W/hrs per Km
$0.019 Per Km Driving Cost.

Please Remember - this is with batteries that are getting old, some are abused more than others - from driving them before I had installed PakTrakr and Display, on the Freeway, and draining the heck out of them to the point of barely able to crawl! A Few Times! Batteries that I bought - that a good frined told me they don't hold up well! And - Before I charged them up on Sunday evening - I watered them, and 2 cells were just starting to peak out of the water / electrolyte!